About Kicking Ice

Kicking Ice is an all-ages, 80-page graphic novel about women's ice hockey written by Stephanie Phillips, drawn by Lee Moder, and colored by Marissa Louise that will debut in summer 2018. 

Kicking Ice tells the story of two young female hockey players, Bella and Skye, who dream of playing professional hockey in the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL). Bella and Skye are the only girls on their co-ed hockey team and learn to overcome bullying from some of their male opponents. In particular, a rival player named Derek likes to tease Bella and Skye by telling them that girls will never be as good at hockey as boys. Of course, Bella and Skye prove that kicking ice isn't just for boys. 

Kicking Ice is a graphic novel about the importance of equality in sports. The NWHL is the first paid, professional hockey league for women. Founded in 2015, the NWHL offers a place for the top female players to continue playing after college. The existence of the NWHL also means that young girls, like Bella and Skye, can dream of playing professional ice hockey. 

This project is a celebration of women in sports and the amazing progress of the many pioneers who are helping to make professional women's hockey a reality.

Thank you for your consideration of Kicking Ice, and we look forward to launching our Kickstarter on January 25!

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