About Demi-God

What do you get if you mash up Deadpool and the Mighty Thor? This guy! The next Ominous Universe title is here! With great power comes great... wait, how does that go again? DEMI-GOD is a contemporary superhero tale like no other. When irresponsible slacker Jason McAndros suddenly gains the power of a god, the fourth wall isn't the only thing he breaks! As Jason revels in his newfound might, he begins calling himself Hercules and indulging in his every whim.

From the creative powers of Ron Marz (writer), Andy Smith (artist), Michael Atiyeh (Colorist), and Steve Dutro (letters), DEMI-GOD offers new-school storytelling with an old-school superhero. Blending comedy and action, DEMI-GOD offers readers the chance to see Ron Marz and Andy Smith cut loose and unleash Jerkules… I mean Hercules… into the world.

Issue one of DEMI-GOD will be available in comic shops on March 28, 2018 and features variant covers from the likes of Bart Sears, Jeff Johnson, and Bob Layton. Along with the release in March, DEMI-GOD is coming to Kickstarter on February 6, 2018 with a 64-page hardcover edition featuring a new cover from Andy Smith, process art, an advice column from Hercules himself, and previously unreleased story content!
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