About Harken's Raiders

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The mission of Ominous Press is to partner with the world’s most talented creators, bring their new projects to life, and extend their legacies. In that spirit, Ominous Press is proud to partner with legendary artist Darryl Banks, esteemed writer Ron Marz, and head of VanBreed Studios Allen Cordrey to bring to life two exciting projects.

The first project is an oversize hardcover graphic novel called Harken’s Raiders. Famed for creating Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, writer Ron 
Marz and artist Darryl Banks are again teaming for a tale of heroes facing long odds and implacable enemies. Harken’s Raiders is a classic World War II adventure, as Captain Harken leads a crack Special Operations Executive team of American commandos behind enemy lines. The mission: retrieve a German scientist who holds the key to stopping the Nazi war machine, and safely escort him to England. The problem: everything goes wrong, and Harken's men find themselves in the fight of their lives!

The initial idea for Harken’s Raiders came from military vet Allen Cordrey, who recruited Banks and Marz to bring his concept to life. “I’m very excited about Harken's Raiders. We’ve put together an amazing creative team that will deliver some good, old-fashioned high adventure," Cordrey said.

Ron Marz jumped at the chance to work with his longtime Green Lantern collaborator again. “Obviously, the chance to work with my friend Darryl Banks
again is welcome any time. But teaming up with Darryl on a period piece was especially enticing,” Marz said. “I'm a big history buff, so this story was right up my alley. I can remember watching movies like The Dirty Dozen and Kelly's Heroes as a kid, and Harken's Raiders falls right in line with those classic World War II stories."

Darryl Banks said, “Harken's Raiders is about meeting the challenge. The characters in the story have a monumental mission objective, and this Kickstarter project also has a challenge. Not simply to fund, but to create an entertaining adventure that is fresh and original. With generous backers that want to follow our vision, we can can meet and beat the challenge!”

The companion project is Black Book: the Art of Darryl Banks, a brand-new collection of Banks’ artwork, much of it never published previously. The 100+ page hardcover spans Banks’ entire career, including classic images, rare private commissions, never-before-published sequential pages,character designs, and more. The images are all hand-picked by Darryl Banks, who provides commentary written throughout. Black Book: the Art of Darryl Banks will be the first-ever collection of Banks’ extensive work.

Both Black Book: the Art of Darryl Banks and Harken’s Raiders will be available

via a Kickstarter campaign from Ominous Press, which is live now, and ends on Dec. 21. A range of reward levels will be offered, including signed books, original Darryl Banks artwork, military-style patches and challenge coins, and much more.

Sean HusVar, Publisher of Ominous Press, said, "It’s exciting to see Ron and Darryl teaming up again. Their run on Green Lantern cemented them as industry legends, and Ominous Press is honored to be continuing their legacy as creators.”

With the help of supporters, this special limited-edition project will be ready for delivery in early 2019.


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